AFTER WORK PLAY, 2017 - in the contest of the Bienal da Maia, Porto PT

vectorial illustrations on azulejos

in collaboration with the Atelier Joaquim Pombal


The five walls at the entrance of the Fabrica 3às depict, from sun rise to sun set, a day in the life of one of the workers emploied by the factory situated at the entrance of the site, producing oil from sunflowers, very active in the '50 and nowadays reconverted in a start up incubator.

The internal immigration created by the factory's work demand obliged theemployers to live close by, in houses provided by the factory, creating an intense rhythm between personal and working life.


The landscape surrounding the protagonists of the installation is both a fundamental element for the production process and the daily life companion.

In the same way, the dematerialisation of work questions about the boundaries between time dedicated to work and time for life and play.