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Bureau Idéal,  2020 - ongoing

circular underglaze drawings on ceramic

a collaborative project with François Bonnot

Racines,  2013 - ongoing

various drawings

Erikona,  2019

hand drawings waved on rugs

a collaboration with the Swedish brand Mum's

After work play,  2017 - Porto PT

vectorial drawings on azulejos,

installation in the public space

in collaboration with the Atelier Joaquim Pombal

Les trajets du sexisme,  2020

vectorial drawing infography

for the association aaatelier

Cupido,  2020

vectorial mural drawings

for the Scribit Design App

At home serie,  2020

vectorial drawings

L'avventura,  2018 - Ivrea IT

personal exhibtion during La Grande Invasione

Journée des droits des femmes, 2017

vectorial illustration

for the association aaatelier

Le montagne,  2018

hand drawings

Brass brooch, 2018

vectorial illustration laser cut on brass

Freelancer,  2018

hand drawn comic

for the Seven Stories revue

La nuit n'est jamais compléte,  2018


Super Book Sunday,  2015

logo for Onomatopee

Flyer design,  2015

for the Sorbonne University

You are cute,  2013

flipbook published by Napabook