"Roads to nowhere"

Landxcape residency, Otranto IT,  2018


The book is a collaboration with

visual artist Myriam Santos



The aim of the Landxcape residency is to bring international artists in a territory which has to deal with the terrible Xylella Fastidiosa, an insect who is killing the olive trees and therefore the identity treadmark - as we know it - of the Puglia region.

By spending ten days inside the territory we had the chance to meet the people who live in the region and discover how the regional landscape has been shaped by man for its own purposes in the last centuries. The voices of those who work the land carry universal knowledge that should be heard further away.

A territory of many important commercial roads with Asia since Roman times, I mapped the Parco Dune Costiere’s territory through its voices hoping to allow them to be heard far away, as the popular songs once, carried by the wind and memorised and spread by the people passing by. The text has been put in dialogue with the images Myriam Santos took during the residency, presenting a landscape that could be anywhere, shaped by any man, at an indefinite moment in time.