"After work play"

Vectorial illustrations on azulejos

Bienal da Maia Porto PT,  2017


Digital illustration

and traditional techniques meet

thanks to the collaboration with

the Atelier Joaquim Pombal



The Fabrica 3as in Maia (PT) was once devoted to the production of oil from sunflowers

and cereals and therefore employing a large part of the local portoguese population

(which was also living next to the factory, in houses provided by the company).


To induce a reflection on the past and present working conditions and ethics,

the five azulejos walls I designed in the entrance of the Fabrica 3as depict a day in the life of a tireless worker of the factory; from sunrise to sunset, the worker moves and acts in a ladscape which is both life companion and important element of the production process.

Within this context, “After work play” induces a reflection about where do life and work meet, where do work and life overlap, and how they can cohexist.